Apple Sustainability pledge

Our plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

Designing for low carbon. Apple are making products with more recycled materials and working to reduce the amount of energy these devices use.

Increasing energy efficiency. They’re using energy more efficiently across retail stores, offices, data centres and manufacturing sites.

Using renewable energy. They’re committed to transitioning our entire manufacturing supply chain to 100% renewable electricity generated from solar, wind and other renewable projects.

Avoiding direct emissions. They’re innovating the processes in their facilities and supply chain to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Investing in nature-based solutions. They’re investing in working forests and ecosystem restoration in ways that respect communities and remove carbon from the atmosphere.


Clean energy is no longer optional.

The biggest part of their carbon footprint comes from the electricity used to build the products you love. By switching to clean energy across their supply chain, they can erase the majority of that footprint. Since 2015, Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Programme has helped their manufacturing suppliers transition to renewable electricity generated from solar, wind and other renewable projects. And by 2030, all their products will be made with 100% clean energy.

110+More than 110 Apple suppliers have committed to clean energy.

4GWWe’ve added over 4 gigawatts of renewable electricity online to our supply chain.

8.6MRenewable energy brought online to our supply chain has helped avoid over 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

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