Positive images in the flash of a lens will create new photographic Exhibition at Victoria Square.

Victoria Square will be front and centre of the camera lens from January 2023, as it plays host to Belfast Exposed who will take photography within the centre to a whole new level.

Belfast Exposed will deliver a series of workshops in the shopping complex over 4 weeks commencing 14/15 January 2023 to help new, novice and keen photographers, and phone owners learn some new and exciting tricks for taking better photography and capturing life through a different lens to secure that perfect image. All particpants who take images will have the chance to have their image featured in an exhibition to be hosted in Victoria Square during March - April 2023.

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Join the team from Belfast Exposed at Victoria Square for Seeing Through A Different Lens - a series of photography workshops focusing on smartphones - taking place on Level 2 of the shopping complex.

Spend 2 hours with our professional photographers and learn new skills.

““Victoria Square is captured by people every single day, and with so many of us wanting the perfect image in the ideal location, we already offer both. The centre is also such an important place for friends and families to meet and spend time together. The idea of these workshops is based on the fact we know for 15 years now, our customers have continued to love spending time in Victoria Square, capturing and making memories. We are thrilled to be partnering with Belfast Exposed to host workshops in January and February. A follow up photographic exhibition in March and April will feature images from these workshops alongside the work of other photographers, highlighting the positive benefits of photography for health and wellbeing, and the benefits of places and spaces for people to come enjoy time together and relax.””

— Michelle Greeves, Centre Manager at Victoria Square

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