Q-Park car park

There are many car-parks in Belfast City Centre, however Q-Park is situated underneath Victoria Square and has direct access to each floor of Victoria Square.

We are now offering VIP parking at this car park. This option is available when you pre-book parking online and provides the most convenient parking spaces in the facility. VIP parking can be found on B1.

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Up to 1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Up to 3 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 5 hours
Up to 12 hours
Up to 24 hours
Evening Rate 7pm - 8am (Entry and exit must be made between these hours)


1000 total spaces


Direct access to each floor of Victoria Square


Open 24 hrs


64 special needs parking


Parent and child spaces


Max vehicle height 2.0m


4 Electric Charging Points




Daytime - 9am to 6pm £18.00

Lunchtime - 11am to 4pm £12.00

Weekend - Fri to Mon £60.00

Evening - 6pm to 2am £4.00

24 hours £20.00

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Accessibility and Facilities at Victoria Square

We do our best to cater for all our customers and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. We have ensured maximum priority has been given within our car park to customers who require closer access to the main shopping centre.

There are 6 customer lifts and escalators located within the main shopping destination, providing access to a levels and outlets.

We also have spaces available for parent and child parking.

We have  doubled the number of toilets in the centre while also expanding facilities to include two feeding rooms, two family toilet rooms, and an adult changing room built in accordance with Changing Places guidelines. This facility includes more space and the right equipment for those with additional needs, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.  These are located on the B2 level at the entrance to the car park.

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